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San Diego!
Home of Surf, Sunshine and Mountains.

San Diego enjoys an average year round temperature of 70 degrees. While in San Diego I highly recommend learning to surf. There is an abundance of surf shops that will hook you up with a board and a few tips. The avid sports fan will be completely happy in San Diego with year round entertainment. You have the Chargers, Padres and even the San Diego Gulls hockey team.

Among the many attractions you will find the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Various Museums and Galleries (Balboa Park has great museums). The beaches alone are worth moving for. Just steps away from Mexico, take some of your time to discover their culture.

Let me make a few suggestions on where to stay. You have the beach towns. Pacific Beach is for those in their twenties and who enjoy hitting up the clubs on the weekend. La Jolla is very relaxed and quaint. In land is Hillcrest a very diverse environment and then there’s Mission Valley right in the middle of busy San Diego. These are just a few of the great suburbs in San Diego. No matter where you are there is always something that will interest you!